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Our Owner's Story:

 I was born into a pack of German Shepherds and have owned dogs my whole life.  For many years I would train the dogs of neighbors and friends and now for over 25 years now I have been training dogs professionally in the Annapolis area.

I have worked with some of the best trainers in the world and have taken aspects of training from both the working dog world and the pet training world.

I believe that dogs emotionally are the same as people.  Just like people they bond, they have empathy, they experience joy and happiness, they feel sadness and grief,  demonstrate fear and anxiety, they are social, and they are very trustful and loyal.

Our training techniques are highly rooted in human behavioral science and we are able to get not only lasting results but achieve results quickly because we can connect quickly with dogs at an emotional, instinctual level.  Our training is individually adapted for each dog and each dog's emotional needs and instincts.

We seek in all our training to create a balanced dog.  A balanced dog is one that will work( has obedience), one that relaxes, one that has a sense of independence, and one that will play.  We call each one of these windows.  With our training system you and your dog will learn how to move seamlessly from one "window" to another.

We will do this by teaching you and your dog a communication system( language) that will result in clarity, confidence, and calmness.

I take my responsibility to you and your dog extremely seriously and you can be assured that you and your dog will be treated with the utmost respect.

My clients are my clients for life.  I will always be there to support you and your dog throughout your lives.

Rick Haefner

Rick Teaching and Reinforcing   Behaviors with Play

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